Introduction of Nadi Plastic Aria's Products

Nadi Plastic Aria Company is affiliated to Tahavol Kalaye Novin Machine Mfg. Ind. Co. (NADI PACK) which is established for the purpose of supplying all disposables of manufacturing machines of this industrial complex

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فیلم پی وی سی شرینک

PVC Shrink

superior technology of product maintenance Transparent heating packaging

whatever you can image. This film is transparent and glossy like a crystal
This feature protects the product against rupture and it is flexible against external effects

Transparency clearly more reality Art of product durability

PVC cling film is odorless and makes the product have longer life and taste with the best circumstances.
Very high transparency, its premium anti-steam and breathing together with specific mechanical
features and a very good memory of a fresh packaging enable consumer to get his/her final desire.

فیلم pof

Polyolefin shrink

Loyalty to the environment Unparalleled flexibility

The polyolefin shrink film is a film with unique features. Special weight, high mechanical strength even in temperatures lower than -40c, premium optic properties, high resistance against rupture, suitable for direct contact with foodstuff, resistant against oils and solvents