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PVC Shrink Film PVC Shrink Film

PVC Shrink film is a durable and affordable solution for packaging commercial products. It is also a great way to shrink-wrap items at low temperatures, using automatic or semi-automatic shrink machines. Nadipack is the number one manufacturer of PVC shrink films in Iran. We use state-of-the-art Korean material to create high-quality PVC shrink rolls at a very affordable price range. These films can be used in packaging small products such as brochures and papers or large cardboard boxes and electronic parts. For ordering PVC Shrink rolls or inquiry about the latest prices, contact us at +982188779366.

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PVC Shrink Film

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What is PVC Shrink Film?

Shrink PVC film is a thin layer of clear packaging that wraps around products through applied heat. It is one of the most popular shrink wrap options due to its light-weight construct and affordable price.

PVC is short for Polyvinyl Chloride and is a combination of Carbon, Hydrogen and Chlorine. PVC film requires a low-temperature shrink process and is used through manual machine guns or high-volume shrink machines.

PVC has a high tear resistance while POF shrink films have a high puncture resistance. PVC also has a lower shrink force and needs a lower temperature to shrink. It is also typically more affordable than POF.


Introducing NadiPlastic’s PVC Shrink Films

PVC is one of the most popular materials used in shrink packaging. This is due to its flexibility, durability and affordability. These films can be used for packaging products with any shape and size. Their high tear-resistance makes PVC rolls one of the most efficient and durable forms of packaging.

PVC’s clarity makes it a great choice for showcasing your products on store shelves. It can also accept color prints and be used with automatic and semi-automatic machines. Our PVC shrink rolls come in single-layer and two-layer variations. They also come in different sizes for different purposes you may have in mind.

Unique Features :

  • Clear and glossy appearance
  • High tear-resistance
  • Usable manually or through semi-automatic and automatic machines
  • Offered in single-layer and two-layer forms
  • On point shrinkage
  • Can be ordered in a variety of dimensions
  • High health and eco standards
  • Affordably priced

Use cases of PVC Shrink Rolls

PVC rolls have high durability and can be used for shrink packaging items with a variety of sizes and shapes. These films are ideal for packaging CD and DVD boxes, pharmaceutical products, electronic parts, construction material, chemical material and many other items.

Facts about PVC Shrink Films

- PVC is sensitive to temperature change and may wrinkle as a result of high heat.

- PVC is more tear-resistant than POF.

- PVC is not recyclable due to a lack of market for the recycled material.

- Today PVC is the most popular material for packaging gaming and software products.

- PVC releases an odor whilst heated which can be harmful. So, it should be used in properly ventilated facilities.

- PVC shrinks in one direction and has a low shrink force.

What are Shrink Film Advantages?

Shrink wrap is a very popular method of packaging, as it lets you create safe, cost-effective and aesthetically appealing packages at a relatively high-rate, using automatic and semi-automatic machines. Shrink Wraps come in three forms of PVC shrink films, POF shrink films, and PE shrink films.

Shrink films have a glossy and clear appearance which makes them the best choice for showing off your product’s detail and quality. They also come in anti-fog variations to add to the clarity of your packaging.

Shrink films are also used for high-quality print. So, you can have your company’s branding or the product’s nutritioun facts right on the shrink packaging. POF shrink wraps are the best choice for accepting a wide array of colors.

Shrink films are also durable. So, they are a great way to preserve the product through transfer and add to your item’s shelf life. These films are also a great choice for unusually shaped products as they shrink and adopt the form of the item. The tight wrap also helps with concealing the scent of the product.

POF and PE shrinks are recyclable. So, you can produce sustainable products as well as meeting the production standards of your target countries. POF also does not release toxic vapor after being exposed to heat.

Finally, shrink rolls come at a very affordable price range. This makes them a popular choice for companies that are looking for quality and affordability at the same time. Shrink wrap machines also come with anti-waste technology to reduce waste and increase productivity. All this and more has made shrink wrap the popular packaging method it is today.

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