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PVC Cling films are the perfect solution for packaging food products. Cling films preserve the freshness of your product. They also have a clear glossiness which showcases the product better than any other form of packaging. NadiPack is the biggest manufacturer of PVC cling film in Iran and uses Korean material to create the highest quality cling rolls at a very affordable price. You can use these films manually or use them through automatic machines for the optimum result. For ordering PVC Cling films or inquiries about the latest prices, contact us at +982188779366.

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Introducing NadiPlastic’s PVC Cling Films

NadiPlastic’s PVC cling rolls are competing with the biggest names in terms of quality at a much more affordable price range. Our material comes equipped with the latest health and environmental standards to make sure your product is fresh and sustainable.

PVC cling films preserve fresh products by regulating the amount of moisture and oxygen necessary in the packaging. They are also odorless. So, the product quality will not change or drop throughout time. Cling films also have an anti-fog property which is perfect for food products containing moisture.

PVC has a clear and glossy look and clings very well. This helps with the appearance of your product and helps it through transportation and shelf life.

What is PVC Cling Film?

PVC cling film is a thin layer of plastic that is used to cover food products amongst other things. They are known as Saran wrap or plastic wrap in the domestic market and are sold as PVC cling rolls for industrial use.

The cling quality makes them a reliable packaging component and their clear appearance means your product’s look is maintained all the way through. They are also popular in the food industry as they don’t isolate the food inside the packaging. Today’s PVC cling films are also odorless. All of this means foods in cling wrap has a longer shelf life than some other forms of packaging.

Unlike PVC shrink films that need heat for application, cling films can be used manually. There are also fully automatic machines that can handle the process of packaging in high volume.

Cling films come in two forms of PVC cling wrap and PE cling wrap. Although PVC is much more popular as it clings better and can be used with 95% of food products. PE clings are specifically good for packaging high-fat products such as butter, cheese and fish.

Facts about PVC Cling Films

- Cling films were discovered first by Ralph Wiley as a result of an accident.
- Cling films were first used as a safety measure on airplanes' body-surface through the first world war.
- Cling wraps were first released as a commercial product under the brand Saran Wrap.
- Many scientists used to assume static electricity is making cling wrap cling. But today they understand it is the result of PVC’s strong molecular bond and its spring-like formation.

Features of PVC Cling Films

  • Odorless for preserving the product’s quality
  • Oxygen and moisture regulation for longer shelf life
  • Clear and glossy appearance
  • In accordance with the Latest health and safety standards
  • Korean material
  • Fog resistant
  • Usable manually or through automatic machines

Use Cases of PVC Cling Rolls

PVC cling films (also known as plastic wrap) are a great choice for food packaging. Cling films let your product breathe whilst preserving it from dust and external odor. These films are also clear and put your product directly on display.

You can use PVC cling films in packaging fruits, vegetables, frozen foods, meat, bread, confectionery, sandwiches and dry products.

What are Cling Film Advantages?

Cling films are used widely in the food industry. This is due to the many advantages these films have to offer. PVC cling films especially have high durability, which is key in packaging efficiency and food transportation.

But the biggest advantage of cling film lays in its preservative qualities. PVC lets oxygen and moisture flow through the packaging. This means your product can breathe. It also stops dust from entering the package.

Cling films are aesthetically pleasing. Food products are at their best when the customer can see them directly. So, your customer can actually see how appetizing and fresh your product is. PVC films also have the same thickness all the way through which adds to their presentability.

Today also PVC material used in cling films has improved greatly in terms of its healthiness and sustainability.

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