Nadi Plastic
Production and supplier of cellophane and plastic packaging
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Nadi Plastic Aria Company is affiliated to Tahavol Kalaye Novin Machine Mfg. Ind. Co. (NADI PACK) which is established for the purpose of supplying all disposables of manufacturing machines of this industrial complex


Polyolefin shrink film

The polyolefin shrink film is a film with unique features. Special weight, high mechanical strength even in temperatures lower than -40c, premium optic properties, high resistance against rupture, suitable for direct contact with foodstuff, resistant against oils and solvents

PVC Shrink Film

Whatever you can image. This film is transparent and glossy like a crystal. This feature protects the product against rupture and it is flexible against external effects

PVC Cling Film

PVC cling film is odorless and makes the product have longer life and taste with the best circumstances. Very high transparency, its premium anti-steam and breathing together with specific mechanical features and a very good memory of a fresh packaging enable consumer to get his/her final desire.

Types of packaging

بسته بندی سبزیجات


بسته یندی مواد شوینده


بسته بندی لوازم بهداشتی


اسباب بازی


About NadiPlastic

It is noteworthy to say that Tahavol Kalaye Novin (NADI PACK) incorporated in 1991. Subsequently and in the beginning of 2001 it was strongly felt to establish a factory in parallel with (a sister company). Accordingly and in order to supply some of raw materials of packaging industry, we decided to establish Nadi Plastic Arya Factory on a premises spreading over an area of 22000 square meters with the production halls on an area of 8 thousand square meters. Moreover, such a mutual cooperation should be accomplished for the purpose of cope with the needs of our customers in machine manufacturing industries as well as other esteemed consumers having taken into consideration the true needs of honorable customers from the step of manufacturing packaging machinery to the step of disposables production.

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