Introduction of Nadi Plastic Aria's Products

Nadi Plastic Aria Company is affiliated to Tahavol Kalaye Novin Machine Mfg. Ind. Co. (NADI PACK) which is established for the purpose of supplying all disposables of manufacturing machines of this industrial complex
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superior technology of product maintenance

Transparent heating packaging

whatever you can image. This film is transparent and glossy like a crystal. This feature protects the product against rupture and it is flexible against external effects

Transparency clearly more reality

Art of product durability

PVC cling film is odorless and makes the product have longer life and taste with the best circumstances. Very high transparency, its premium anti-steam and breathing together with specific mechanical features and a very good memory of a fresh packaging enable consumer to get his/her final desire.

Loyalty to the environment

Unparalleled flexibility

The polyolefin shrink film is a film with unique features. Special weight, high mechanical strength even in temperatures lower than -40c, premium optic properties, high resistance against rupture, suitable for direct contact with foodstuff, resistant against oils and solvents
One of the cheapest methods for packing various products is to use packing bags. This method not only decreases the production expenses, but it protects the products properly. The mentioned advantages have increased the application of packing bags in different industries.
The packing cellophane is an excellent choice to protect the products against possible damages such as dust, soil, liquids, pollution, etc. Moreover, the food cellophane is very useful for outdoor damages such as hit and tearing. In addition to the mentioned factors, ease of use is the most important advantage of this packing method.

Packing Roll

The packing roll is used in different and various fields. Packages of foodstuffs, cosmetic and sanitary materials, automobile parts, play toys, and detergents are only a small part of applications of packing rolls. The reason for this much usage is the advantages that packing rolls give to the producers.

Packing Plastic

Packing of the products with packing plastics is cheaper than other methods. Not just price, but other advantages such as resistance, and ease of packing are also other advantages of plastic packing. These kinds of advantages have made this kind of packing the first choice for lots of producers in various industries.