PVC Shrink film is a durable and affordable solution for packaging commercial products. It is also a great way to shrink-wrap items at low temperatures, using automatic or semi-automatic shrink machines. Nadipack is the number one manufacturer of PVC shrink films in Iran. We use state-of-the-art Korean material to create high-quality PVC shrink rolls at a very affordable price range. These films can be used in packaging small products such as brochures and papers or large cardboard boxes and electronic parts. For ordering PVC Shrink rolls or inquiries about the latest prices, contact us at +982188779366.

What is PVC Shrink Film?

Shrink PVC film is a thin layer of clear packaging that wraps around products through applied heat. It is one of the most popular shrink-wrap options due to its light-weight construction and affordable price.
PVC is short for Polyvinyl Chloride and is a combination of Carbon, Hydrogen and Chlorine. PVC film requires a low-temperature shrink process and is used through manual machine guns or high-volume shrink machines.
PVC has a high tear resistance while POF shrink films have a high puncture resistance. PVC also has a lower shrink force and needs a lower temperature to shrink. It is also typically more affordable than POF.

Introducing NadiPlastic’s PVC Shrink Films

PVC is one of the most popular materials used in shrink packaging. This is due to its flexibility, durability and affordability. These films can be used for packaging products of any shape and size. Their high tear-resistance makes PVC rolls one of the most efficient and durable forms of packaging.
PVC’s clarity makes it a great choice for showcasing your products on store shelves. It can also accept color prints and be used with automatic and semi-automatic machines. Our PVC shrink rolls come in single-layer and two-layer variations. They also come in different sizes for different purposes you may have in mind.
  • Clear and glossy appearance
  • High tear-resistance
  • Usable manually or through semi-automatic and automatic machines
  • Offered in single-layer and two-layer forms
  • On point shrinkage
  • Can be ordered in a variety of dimensions
  • High health and eco standards
  • Affordably priced

Using cases of PVC Shrink Rolls

PVC rolls have high durability and can be used for shrink-packaging items with a variety of sizes and shapes. These films are ideal for packaging CD and DVD boxes, pharmaceutical products, electronic parts, construction materials, chemical materials and many other items.
For ordering PVC Shrink rolls or inquiries about the latest prices, contact us at +982188779366.

Types of PVC shrink cellophane

The shrink films are categorized into two general groups. The thickness of the produced films is between 17µm and 50µm. In the following, we will introduce different types of PVC shrink cellophane.

Types of PVC shrink cellophane

This type of PVC shrink is very firm and durable and is provided in the market in different colors, including blue, red, green, and black. PVC shrink resists strikes and flames well. This cellophane can be bought in widths of 30, 60, 90, and 120.

Soft or flexible PVC shrink

This type of shrink cellophane featuring good flexibility is supplied in two types of colors, namely transparent and opaque. This model of cellophane is used as a factor protecting chairs and sofa covers… The Very high resistance of this cellophane has turned it into a good option to be used in making different types of industrial curtains. The flexibility of this type of cellophane has made them feature some features like being cut, sewed, and joined easily.

Types of widely used shrink nylon

In the past, the use of PVC shrink was an economical option due to its light weight, low price, and versatile uses… It was known as the most common material used in packaging and shrink. Today other types of shrink nylons have been designed to package different goods and products and supplied to the market. In the following, we will introduce different types of PVC shrink cellophane.

POF shrink nylons

The shrink film is produced from Polyolefin completely from materials that can be recycled. On the other hand, they are very transparent and shiny. Polyolefins are used to make small packages for some items, including toys, food, etc. It should be mentioned that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced permission to package food.

POF shrink nylons

This type of film shrink is manufactured from low-density polyethylene. The extraordinary capability of this material to preserve materials has made people use it to shrink in larger parts. This type of film shrink also has the potential for printing.

POF shrink nylons

PVC shrink film like cellophane covers. The PVC model is highly resistant to rupture. PVC is used for packaging small goods and products like raw CD packages and other non-food packages. Over the past years, the use of PVD roll shrink

What is PVC shrink film?

The PVC shrink film is a type of packaging that is made firm using heat around the product. We can use manual heating tools or semi-automatic and automatic devices to package the products. The PVC shrink film is transparent and maintains the beautiful appearance of the products.
PVC is made of three basic elements, including carbon, oxygen, and chlorine, and it is one of the most popular methods of packaging commercial products. PVC has a reasonable price, just like Polyolefin films. These films are also called nylon, plastic or shrink roll, or shrink.
PVC shrink film is often used as a packaging material because it has many good features. PVC shrink film acts as a reliable packaging for products, and it guarantees protection against dirt, dust, and strikes. PVC shrink film is almost usable in any packaging line and can be applied to the product with hood shrink devices or shrink tunnels. The shrink film is adaptable to the form and shape of the goods it covers. Because it contracts the heat, thanks to the excellent features of packaging and stability of the PVC materials, even the sharp-edged products can be packaged without causing any rupture in the shrink film.
Since PVC shrink film is particularly resistant to heat and the impacts of weather, the products are stored ideally. Considering the light weight of the film itself, and that it is waterproof and inflammable, this is an interesting way to make an interesting packaging of products, on which we can also print.

Production and performance of shrink film

shrink film is generally produced as aspirated films, using the con-extrusion process, from one or more plastic granules. The process of aspiration pulls plastic molecules both vertically and horizontally and directs them. The direction is removed by heating up to 120-220 Celsius or infrared radiation, and the film shrinks.
The shrink film can be used as protection against firm products and plates. It should be mentioned that packing using PVC shrink should be done in a space with good air conditioning. Because this type of cellophane may emit dangerous chemical gases when exposed to heat.

Information about PVC shrink films

The use of PVC shrink film in packaging industries is very simple in such a way that you can package the goods and products in the shortest possible time by using automatic and semi-automatic devices. On the other hand, you will need fewer man force to package any given item using this film which leads to a considerable reduction in costs. In the following, we will provide some of the important information about PVC films.
  • This type of packaging is sensitive to temperature, and it may rupture in cold weather or crease in hot weather.
  • It is less dangerous than Polyolefin.
  • PVC cannot be recycled in many countries because of the lack of a good market for recycled products.
  • Nowadays, shrink PVC in the world is mostly used around the globe to package games, software, CDs, and DVDs.
  • PVC emits some dangerous materials as it burns; therefore, it should be used through the highest health standards.
  • PVC can shrink in one direction, so it is a good option for packaging.

The method of using shrink plastic

You can easily turn the shrink film around the goods and products easily around them using a shrink device, regardless of the size of the goods and products. This type of packaging resists strikes, rupture, light, humidity, and heat well. On the other hand, you can print pictures and writings on them as required. There are two methods of using shrink cellophane that we will describe in the following:

Manual shrink

In this method, we can do the shrink using home or industrial hair dryers. This model of shrink features a balanced contraction. That is, the contraction this model undergoes is consistent throughout its parts. As a result, the goods and products will be packaged quite consistently. If you intend to make firm packaging using PVC cellophane, it is better to consider the dimensions of plastics, which are about 10% to 15% larger than the goods to be packaged.

Mechanical shrink

In this method, the packaging of the goods and products is done in bulk using industrial machinery. We can tunnel shrink pack machine as one of the main devices for mechanical sweetening.

What are the advantages of shrink films?

The shrink packaging method has been very popular, and it has many advantages over other packaging methods. The shrink films are flexible while featuring high resistance. These films are also beautiful and can be recycled in many cases. In the following some of the advantages of the shrink films are mentioned:


The high resistance and durability of the shrink films have made them an ideal option for packaging different products. The cross liked films can package some products with sharp edges. For this reason, it is very unlikely that they are ruptured or pierced. This type of packaging reduces the odds of manipulating the products. As a result, this will enhance your customers’ trust in you.
If you package many packages every day, the shrink films are an appropriate option to be used in automatic and semi-automatic machines. Along with the above-mentioned cases, the shrink films increase the storage life of the products and keep the products’ smell.


The shrink films surround the product firmly and maintain the good shape of the product. These films are transparent and show the customers the product design. Also, there are some particular formulas of shrink films that are a better option for packaging meat and food due to their anti-steam and anti-humidity structure.
In addition to the advantages just mentioned, you can print your favorite graphic designs using special devices on shrink films.

Reduction in costs

Considering the resistance of the shrink films, many brands have managed to replace cardboard cartoon packaging with shrink packaging. The heavy products can only be supplied to the market using shrink packaging, and the lighter products can be supplied using plastic packaging and then shrink packaging. Not only does this method reduce the price and packaging costs of the product, but it also reduces the costs of storing the products, considering their size.

Price inquiry and purchase of PVC shrink

Generally, it can be said that PVC shrink price depends on the petrochemical raw materials. These films are ideally used in manual, semi-automatic, and automatic machines, and they can package delicate goods like papers and brochures as well as cardboard boxes easily. Nadi shrinks plastic: this is considered to be the most common option for Iranian producers due to its beauty, diversity, and high resistance. You can contact the experts of Nadi Plastics through numbers 021-88779365 (6) as well as online communication.

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