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The important applications of PVC shrink films

PVC shrink films

What is the PVC shrink film and what applications it has?

The PVC shrink film, is a kind of plastic which is flexible. Since it has a high resistance and high stretch against abrasion, it is suitable for a great variety of applications. Because packing with the PVC shrink keeps the materials tight, it is a great choice for packing of fragile things such as glass.

There are different kinds of shrink films such as dry shrink film and soft shrink film. From the aspect of applications, they can be classified into different models such as packing PVC film, expanded core PVC film, the PVC film of shrink machine, static spreading film, and manual PVC film. Each of them should be used for a special case. However, the manual PVC film is the most common choice since it is easier and optimal to use in comparison with others.

Generally, the PVC shrink film gets encloses the product tightly by using of a controlled heat inside a special machine. The PVC packing films are vulnerable to temperatures more than 20 degrees Celsius; thus, it would be better to keep them in a proper condition before the usage to not to get damaged.

shrink pvc film

shrink pvc film

How can we use the shrink films?

The packing PVC films can be used as a resistance cover. These materials can be used in a wide range from packing the industrial things to packing of books and gifts, and they are easy and cheap for usage. Let us take a look to how to use it for different purposes to make our understanding deeper about it.

  • Packing

The PVC film is one of the best solutions for packing things. If you have got different things to be packed together, the shrink PVC film would make it easier for you. This product is a kind of elastic; therefore, it keeps your materials tight and does not let them to move.

  • The industrial usage

The PVC shrink film is a high demanded product in the industry. It can be used for protection of the boats, pallets, and other bulky materials.

  • Protection

The films, which are made of thin Polyethylene, are widely used for protection of products against abrasion while transportation. Generally, the shrink films have different thicknesses. For fragile products such as glass, higher thickness can be the best option to use. If you want to have a low volume package, you’d better to use many thin layers.

  • The foodstuffs packing

Since the packing rolls made of Polyethylene have higher quality, they are resistance against any sinking. The PVC shrink film not only it protects the foodstuffs against different materials, but it also gives an innovative view to the product.

pvc shrink

pvc shrink

  • The book packing

The possibility of rupture and abrasion is very high while transporting books. However, by the use of shrink films for packing the books, you can transport them without any serious concerns. Also, using the PVC films make the transportation of the book packing easier, and it occupies a little space.

The advantages of packing the products with PVC shrink film

The PVC shrink film is a high demanded in industrial packing. It is expected that, the demands for this product would increase if the industrial packing increases.

It is expected that, the demands for shrink film increases since the industry of packing needs to protect the materials while distribution.

shrink pvc

shrink pvc

The lower expenditure and higher efficiency, are the most important things for the packing industry. Hence, lower expenditure and higher efficiency of PVC films, made it a high demanded product in the markets. You can view some of the great advantages of PVC shrink film:

  • Improving and increasing the stability of products and packages, making an organized and united unit.
  • Increase of the efficiency and better storage of products
  • A proper production against the dust and moisture
  • High resistance against stealing attempts
  • A great protection against the sun radiations
  • Long-lasting of the foodstuffs
  • Easy to establish and low weight

How to buy the best PVC shrink film in Iran?

The PVC shrink films have wide range of usages from the agriculture to foods and drinks, storage and distribution, sanitary protections and etc.

These materials are the best and the most ideal for packing the products. But, there are some questions which customers run into them before any decision making.

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What is the reason for choosing the PVC shrink film for packing?

The PVC shrink film is the most popular, effective, and various packing material for making unity in pallet loads and non-pallet loads to be transported through LTL, FTL, and rail. The PVC film rolls are made of Polyethylene resin which are extremely strong and resistance.

pvc shrink film

pvc shrink film

These materials are more efficient for packing of the products rather than other packing materials. Using of PVC shrink film is cheaper in comparison with conveyer materials or flexible plastics. The manual PVC films have the stretching range of 25-30 percent. The machinery stretching film is capable of being stretched from 75 percent to 200 percent. This means that, with a single PVC film roll, you can pack a high volume of products.

Being strong and resistance, are other important features of PVC shrink film. In other words, this material is resilient, and changes to its original shape immediately. This means that, when the film is stretched, it presses your product even in tough transportation, the products will be held in their place, and they will be protected.

In the end, using the PVC shrink film can reduce the packing expenses, and increases the quality of the packing.