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The interesting information about different kinds of stretch film

different kinds of stretch film

Kinds of stretch films and their applications

The stretch films and especially stretch food is popular in the world. We use them in our daily activities in our homes, but it is a popular and effective mean in the world of commercial. The stretches are PVC materials which apparently have a thin and transparent layer. These materials have got lots of applications in food packing especially, and other products such as fruits and vegetables.

This is a good method for packing of the things and making them safe for transporting. These materials are strong and economical and also they are recyclable. These popular materials can save your money and time properly. They are used in industrial and food fields.

In this article, we are focusing on stretch film of foods, and in order to get familiar with industrial stretches, we will discuss them briefly. At first, Let us take a look for advantages of stretch film.

Advantages of stretch film

1- Better Protection

Using the industrial stretch for you own business or your own daily staffs, this product would protect your productions from different aspects. When using a heavy and full utensil of food, this film is capable of maintaining of the things packed and safe in order to make the transportation easier, and prevents from falling down of the things inside of the utensil. This would lead to lower damages of food, and the satisfaction of the receiver of it.


The stretch film can also protect the materials from detrimental effects of the sunshine. You can also buy packing plastics in dark or opaque colors. Using the opaque stretch packing, one can prevent the materials of the utensil from sights. This can help to prevent of stealing of the materials inside of the utensils. Packing stretch also can preserve the products against the dust, and can eliminate the moisture. Notice that, the stretch of the food materials are more transparent, and they are used only for the food materials.

2- Economical advantage

In comparison to other methods such as wavy materials or thermal films, and using the fully automatic shrink pack machines, they are more economical which is important for any job. The electrical equipment for packing have more expenses in comparison to the stretch film. These materials are more suitable and economical for maintaining and packing food.

3- Efficiency

The stretch film for food materials, is an efficient material to use because it increases the function aspect of packing. Since it makes the inspection easier, it would help to the efficiency, and it improves the controlling of the supply. The stretch films are used in wide range, and they are recyclable. You can purchase a high variety of films for different applications with low prices from the producers. Depending on the kind of the stretch that you buy, you can use it for sharp or flat surfaces.

4- Recyclable

As mentioned before, the stretch films are recyclable. You can reach to an agreement in the country to not to use any chemical matters or adherents on the films in the production process. You can inform them that, you want to be in a recycle program, and therefore, you want to do the recycling.

5- Thrift in time and expenditure

By reading this article, you will know how to purchase the film stretch for yourself with lowest expenditure for your activity. The stretches have got a long story to reach to the place that they are. With the development of the industry and production of different kinds of stretches, you can use thin stretches with high applications for covering of your products. In fact, they look like old plastic rolls, however, they are thin and high-quality. Any way you can use these rolls for packing your food materials.


The application of the stretch films in industry

The stretch films are used in different industries rather than just food packing. We want to discuss about the three different advantages of the industrial stretches with high efficiency. The industrial stretch film with high efficiency is an innovative film, engineered, and low price which is produced in multi layers using the Resin process. Therefore, these packing materials are transparent, adherent, and high resistance against tearing. Although there are lots of advantages for industrial stretch film, we would mention three of them:

  • Optimal functioning
  • Stability
  • Thrift in expenditure

Optimal functioning

The stretch films with high efficiency, can handle the material better in comparison to traditional ones. These films are resistance against the piercing, adherence, and tearing so they are better than the regular films. Thus, 90 percent of our customers prefer the stretch film with high efficiency.


Since the high efficient stretch films are designed for effective applications, it is a more stable solution for reduction of the waste of packing. The films with high efficiency can be used for different kinds of materials. Generally, by using the new and high efficiency stretches, and without having any limitation, we would have 25 percent of thrift in film usage.

What is the applications of the film stretch in industry?

  • Using the minimum amount of plastic
  • It would increase the safety of your products and as a result, a few of the products would be damaged.
  • This film is resistance and high-quality enough to make you needless of box for transporting.



Thrift in expenditure

Generally, the film stretch with high efficiency can lower your expenses. You will not need to buy expensive technical equipment, and by a suitable stretch roll, you can pack your industrial products or food products in a short time.

Hence, your pay low for purchasing of the stretches. Moreover, since your materials are being packed with higher safety, you would lose lower amount of products, and this prevents from repacking.

About the Korean stretch film

The Korean stretch film is one of the prevail and demanded food stretches in the markets which has a high quality. You can purchase this number one product with lower price from the Nadipack. Because of high quality of this kind of food stretches, spoiling of the materials such as beans, vegetables, and sweets would be prevented.

Moreover, since it has high transparency, it gives a beauty to the products which makes the customers to buy it. The Korean stretch film prevents the evaporation of the food inside of the dish which makes the product clear enough for the customers to view the product easily while shopping.


Some important features of the Korean stretch film

  • Completely sanitized and confirmed by hygiene ministration
  • The ability of adjusting of moisture and oxygen
  • High resistance
  • High transparency
  • Charming view of the product
  • Cheap and thrifty
  • A wide variety of sizes
  • Increasing the usage time of the food
  • The ability of changing to different shapes and sizes
  • No thermal need for adherence

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