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Understanding and survey about the most important application of the shrink polyolefin?

shrink polyolefin

What is the polyolefin shrink film?

The polyolefin shrink film is a kind of semitransparent film or a plastic polymer paper, which is used for packing of millions of food products and other products. This product can be called shrank packing since they get shrink when exposure to the heat; thus, it protects the product. This material is very popular in whole the world.

The polyolefin shrink film has a critical role in the packing and distribution of the product. Nowadays, there are two types of POF film, polyethylene and polypropylene. These two things are divided into different applications. Knowing the difference of applications and features of polyolefin can help you to choose the most proper of them for yourself.



The polyolefin film can be used for any applications. Generally, for protection and packing of a single product or multiple products, it can be used.

There are different applications for the polyolefin shrink film. Some of the prevailed of them can be listed below:

  • Packing of the foodstuffs
  • Packing of the gift boxes
  • Packing of the boxes
  • Packing of the toys
  • Packing of the books
  • Packing of the sport stuffs
  • Printed packs
  • Packing of cosmetics
  • Packing of sanitation products
  • Packing of agriculture products
  • And …

There are lots of advantageous of the shrink polyolefin film, and the most important of them are:

  • Exceptional resolution and transparency
  • Being balanced in every direction
  • Resistance against high thermal and capability of machining
  • The safety of material, not poisonous and completely neutral
  • Excellent stability, no changing about the color or being brittle with increasing of age or freezing temperature
  • Strong sealing without any hole
  • It works under a wide range of freezing temperature
  • No environmental dangers, and it is recyclable
shrink polyolefin

shrink polyolefin

What is the polyolefin film made of?

The polyolefin plastic is the main material for packing since it is lightweight, and economical to use. Before, PVC was the most popular material in the market, but nowadays polyolefin is the best choice to be replaced.

Development in science and knowledge about the sanitation of the social life and the environment, lead to the creation of the polyolefin shrink film. Recently, POF is the most popular packing shrinkage plastic which is widely used in the industry.

The general usage of polyolefin shrink film is highly extensive. It is used mostly in the operations with high outputs. Also, it can be used for heavier products. A small polyolefin film, can help you with the proper packing of your products.

The POF film is one of the best plastic packing materials in the market since it is shrunk with high speed, and it is transparent. This film is highly resistance against breaking, hitting, and tearing; thus, it is a proper product for packing of foodstuffs and industrial products.

The polyolefin shrink film is very elastic, and it is completely compatible with the surface of the product. These materials include a strong surface and completely flat, and without any wrinkle. It contains a strong seal. These materials are idea for advertisement packs.

polyolefin shrink

polyolefin shrink

What is the difference between PVC and polyolefin?

Nowadays, most of the industries use three different materials, which you will get familiar with them in the following, for protection and safety of the products. These three materials were prevailed for packing of the different kinds of products in different time periods. They are listed as:

  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Polyethylene (PE)
  • Polyolefin (POF)

Each one of them have special features and abilities, and they are designed for different applications. You may ask that, what is the main difference of them? And which one is the best for your packing needs?

The PVC packing materials (Polyvinyl chloride) is one of the most common packing materials in the world. Since it is lightweight and has variety of applications and cheaper price, it has been used by lots of producers. However, they are flammable, and they can be dangerous for the health of the people.

Generally, PVC materials are hard and long lasting; thus, they are used in lots of projects such as building materials or utensils of the kitchens. From the aspect of packing, PVC has the best function in tight and hard protections. Polyvinyl chloride is a combination of three elements of Carbon, Hydrogen, and Chlorine which they are resistance to any possible environmental damages.

polyolefin film

polyolefin film

The polyolefin film has better function in comparison to PVC. Because of the harmful smell of the PVC, which is released while it gets warm, it is not popular for packing; therefore, it is used in places with a good air conditioning. Because of its chemical combination, and harmful side effects of that during the creation or decomposition, PVC is prohibited in lots of countries.

On the other hand, the polyolefin shrink film, is a wonderful shrinkage packing which is various and long lasting. These materials have been used instead of PVC in most of the applications. Also, POF film is a safe material for foodstuffs which are confirmed by FDA. Because of high resolution and high elastic resistance, polyolefin is the best and the most ideal choice for packing of the products which are related to foodstuffs and industry.

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